Ankush Chibber

Ankush Chibber
Ankush is a journalist hailing from India, who has edited and written for publications in his home country, the UAE, US, and UK. Previously the editor of Gulf Business in Dubai and of Entrepreneur in India, Ankush is a keen student of economics, a follower of Manchester United since 1996 and a disciple of Archer.
Inc Arabia Expo 2020

This Is Why SMEs Should Not Shy Away From The Expo 2020 Pie

The team behind Dubai Expo 2020 have announced a stream of initiatives meant initiate contact and collaborate with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in UAE's private sector. According to a report in The... (contd.)
Saudi women want to work in the mobile sector.

Saudi Women Line Up To Start Up ‘Mobile’ Micro-Businesses

That is one way to do it - a total of 380 Saudi women have expressed their willingness to start their own micro-businesses in the telecom sector thanks to a new program... (contd.)
Saudis prefer government jobs.

Unemployed Saudis Are Not Keen On Working For Private Businesses

A new report has found that at least 80% of all unemployed in Saudi Arabia's capital of Riyadh would prefer jobs in the public sector with the government instead of working with... (contd.)
Inc Arabia Whatsapp Jail

WhatsApp Messages Land Kuwaiti Royals In Jail

Kuwait put five men, three of whom are members of the royal family, in jail on Monday for insulting Kuwait’s ruler and its judiciary on WhatsApp, local media reports from the country... (contd.)
Inc Arabia Abu Dhabi Fintech Flat6 Labs

Flat6 Labs Will Help This City Become MENA’s Fintech Hub

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) has signed an agreement with start-up accelerator Flat6Labs to develop a fintech ecosystem in the emirate, it announced May 30. The agreement comes after the announcement of ADGM’s recent plan... (contd.)
UAE accounts for mist number of startup deals.

These Two Countries Are The MENA’s Startup Hotbeds

UAE accounts for the largest group of investors in tech startup ecosystem in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), according to a new report revealed at the ongoing ArabNet Digital summit. As... (contd.)
Qatar Airways loses FC Barcelona deal

One Of Qatar’s Most Popular Branding Deals Is On The Rocks

FC Barcelona is one of the biggest football clubs in the world and one that had famously never let corporates dictate terms to it for a very long time - mostly because... (contd.)
Lebanon pirates its software a lot.

The Lebanese Are Not Big On Paying Big Tech For Their Software

Lebanon is a still a regional hotbed for software piracy, where the piracy rate has remained unchanged at 70% in 2015 compared to 71% in 2013, according to the U.S.-based Business Software... (contd.)
Nepali Workers App

How This App Can Help The Nepali Expat Worker In The Middle East

The flow of labour expat workers from Nepal to the Middle East has increased rapidly in recent years, quickly becoming the fast growing expat demographic in the region. Today, anywhere between 1,000 to... (contd.)
Etisalat to bring super fast broadband in the UAE.

Broadband That Will Blow Your Mind Is Coming To This GCC Nation

Pretty soon, you will not think twice about downloading that high definition version of the latest episode of Game of Thrones in the UAE, provided if you have ponied up for the... (contd.)
Abu Dhabi to charge news fees in hotels

Business Travel To Abu Dhabi Just Got A Little More Expensive

Guests at all hotels in Abu Dhabi would be charged a new fees beginning June 1, the authorities have confirmed, in a move that makes travel to the Emirati capital a little... (contd.)
Saudi Agencies getting put out of business.

The Saudi Travel Agency Model Is Getting Disrupted & Dismantled

The travel agency industry in Saudi Arabia is worried - worried that it might be blindsided by travel apps that are already rapidly eating into their revenue pie. According to a report in... (contd.)
Sabic wants to build Saudi homes Smarter

MENA’s Biggest Listed Company Wants To Make Saudi Homes Smarter

One of Saudi Arabia's biggest companies is now getting into the business of smart homes. Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), which is the largest listed company in the Middle East, announced today that... (contd.)
Office space will become cheaper in Dubai

Looking For Office Space In Dubai? This Is Where You Should Look

Not so good financial news for the startup you were planning to launch in Dubai - that rent in the swanky free-zone you expected to fall is actually holding very steady and... (contd.)
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