Ankush Chibber

Ankush Chibber
Ankush is a journalist hailing from India, who has edited and written for publications in his home country, the UAE, US, and UK. Previously the editor of Gulf Business in Dubai and of Entrepreneur in India, Ankush is a keen student of economics, a follower of Manchester United since 1996 and a disciple of Archer.
Dubai Sheikh Mohammed 3D office

Dubai Just 3D Printed An Entire Office Building

Dubai has been very vocal in the recent past about its plans to be a hub for 3D printing in the region and the world. Yesterday, it took another symbolic step in... (contd.)
Family Business GCC Succession Planning

This Code Could Help GCC Family Businesses Find Their True North

Family businesses in the GCC now have an institutional resource to tap into when it comes to business planning for succession in the shape of a voluntary governance code set up by... (contd.)

The SME Bad Debt Crisis In The UAE Is Now Under Control

Banks in the UAE have been able to contain the damage from the growing debt crisis in the country's small and medium enterprise (SME), the head of the banks' industry association said yesterday. According... (contd.)
Oman puts restaurants under CCTV scanner

Big Brother Is Now Watching Your Favorite Restaurant In Oman

Oman has launched a pilot project that will see select restaurants and fast-food joints being placed under CCTV surveillance, in what is being called an effort to protect the public from poor hygiene. Essentially,... (contd.)
SMEs in Dubai Are Under Stress

Things Are Not Going Too Well For SMEs In This GCC Country

A new survey  has revealed that a majority of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in the UAE came under increased pressure in the first quarter of 2016 as the overall economy slowed down. According... (contd.)
$155 million fund launched in Oman

Oman Just Put Up $130 Million For Omani Startups To Grab

Oman is getting serious about funding entrepreneurs to shore up its economy, which while less reliant on oil, has been under the kosh with the price crash. Yesterday, Oman's State General Reserve Fund (SGRF),... (contd.)
Kuwait labor laws are now tougher on visa violations

Kuwait Just Overhauled Its Labor Laws To Strengthen Penalties

Kuwait's National Assembly's health and labor committee has agreed to to amend five articles of the 2010 Labor Law for the private sector, it announced yesterday. The changes have been made mainly to... (contd.)
MENA business leaders are not confident about economic growth

MENA CEOs Are Not Too Bullish About The Economy Right Now

The Middle East's business leaders and CEOs are becoming increasingly pessimistic about the region’s economy, with nearly four in 10 CEOs expecting business and economic conditions to deteriorate over the next six months,... (contd.)
Dubai is doing far better at resisting the oil price crash than others

The IMF Thinks Dubai Is Weathering The Slump Like A Boss

Dubai, the financial  capital of the Middle East, is managing to resist the economic slowdown much better than its oil-rich Gulf neighbors, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). As per a report in... (contd.)
Sales of business jets have declined y--o-y in 2016

Rich Folk Are Not Buying Business Jets Like They Used To

Oil might be cheap as water right now but that does not mean we are seeing more cars on the road or even jets in the sky. According to a report in Bloomberg, sales... (contd.)

Everyone Wants A Piece Of Saudi Arabia’s Fastest Growing Market

Alternative investment firm Gulf Capital announced late last nigh that it has acquired 100% of Multibrands Trading Co, reportedly one of largest food and beverage (F&B) distributors in Saudi Arabia. Founded in 2006, Multibrands... (contd.)

Breaking: This Is The Man Behind Bitcoin

An Australian tech entrepreneur has identified himself as Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, the BBC is reporting, ending years of speculation about who came up with the original ideas underlying the crypto-currency. According to the... (contd.)

What Saudi Vision 2030 Has In Store For Saudi SMEs

And it's out. Saudi Arabia's comprehensive package of reforms, which the Deputy Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman believes will wean off the Kingdom off oil. As detailed here, the bulk of the plan... (contd.)

UAE Businesses, Your Internet Speed Is About To Get Waaaaay Faster!

The completion of works on a number of a regional submarine telecom cables could result in faster, and perhaps cheaper internet for UAE’s residents, an industry official has revealed. In an interview with... (contd.)
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