Bindi Shah

Bindi Shah
Bindi Shah is a contributing writer for Inc. Arabia.

Try This 5-Step Plan To Succeed On Social Media With Your MENA B2B Business

Very often, B2B businesses are seen as dull and uninteresting to the general public. Does that mean that B2B companies have nothing to talk about to a broad audience waiting on social... (contd.)

A Simple 5-Step Plan To Overcome Your Fears And Take Those Risks

Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks right from launching your business to growing it to exiting and starting a new one. In life, we often hesitate to take that first step towards... (contd.)

4 Ways To Minimize Negativity In The MENA Workplace

The vibes in your workplace will affect everyone, including you and your employees. Once the feeling of negativity sets in, it spreads from one team to the other and harms productivity and... (contd.)

About To Recruit Your First Team? These 5 Steps Might Help

The first and most important step that determines the performance and output of your business is the recruitment of the right people.  Every business team is a mix of individuals with different skill sets... (contd.)
360 degree feedback can add a new layer of transparency to your organization.

5 Ways To Make The Most Of 360-Degree Feedback

Feedback is a valuable tool that can help you to grow and become more successful. A 360-degree feedback system differs from a standard system in that it gives multi-rater or multi-source feedback,... (contd.)

Bounce Back From Failure Starting With These 6 Simple Steps

All of us would have experienced failure at some point in our life and career. History cites examples of many famous people, who failed in their first attempt or initial years, and... (contd.)
Are you ready to floor your customers with a stunning mobile app?

5 Ways To Make Your Mobile App More User Friendly

Mobile technology has become all-pervasive in today’s day and age. Given that almost all of us are crunched for time, technology also helps meet the needs of our daily lives. Our smartphones allow... (contd.)
What is stopping you from being a lifelong learner?

5 Ways Business Leaders Can Always Be Learning

Last year, my uncle, who is a successful industrialist and leader of a big fertilizer company, went to Harvard for an executive MBA program. My cousin (the son of this particular uncle)... (contd.)
How to conduct an effective virtual meeting

4 Steps To Conducting An Effective Virtual Meeting

Forget the annual meeting of all your employees at one of your many sites. Telecommunication technology has evolved so much that it is possible to have a team meeting comprising individuals across... (contd.)

Here Is An 8-Step Approach To Making The Perfect Investor Pitch

As a startup or medium business owner, there are times when you need to raise money from investors—either VCs or angels. What is the best way to approach a VC? Is there... (contd.)
Content marketing

4 Steps To Making Your Content Marketing Work

Content marketing sounds like a term that’s everywhere around you today, doesn’t it? What exactly is content marketing? This game-changing concept that businesses worldwide are fast adopting and spending big money on... (contd.)
How to motivate your employees without spending money

6 Ways To Motivate Your Employees Without Spending Money

I have worked in organizations with different work cultures and employee strength and policies. However, there is one organization that I remember very fondly.  It was the web division of a large media... (contd.)
So what is stopping you from trying CRM for your firm?

5 Reasons Your Business Really Needs A CRM Tool

In this age of digitization and mobility, no business, big or small, can afford to overlook the utility of software or technology solutions. While social media platforms and the use of email... (contd.)
If you put your thinking cap on, advertising your brand on a shoestring budget may be quite a cakewalk.

5 Simple Ways To Advertise On A Shoestring Budget Anywhere In The World

Often when you start a business or when you are relatively small and growing, you don’t have those many advertising dollars to spend. What do you do in such a case? History... (contd.)
Are you ready to dive into the wide ocean of possibilities as far as e-commerce logistics is concerned?

Here’s A 5-Step Plan To Solve Your E-commerce Startup’s Shipping Hassles

When I am ordering stuff online, I love the convenience they offer in terms of home delivery, tracking orders and shipments online and getting alerts on when exactly the parcel will arrive.... (contd.)
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