Bindi Shah

Bindi Shah
Bindi Shah is a contributing writer for Inc. Arabia.
So go ahead and take the plunge, franchising may just be what your business needs to grow further.

The 5 Steps You Must Take First To Build A Winning Franchise Anywhere

Once you have identified that your business has the potential for franchising and evaluated pros and cons of the same, you can go ahead and start thinking about how to build your... (contd.)
Are you ready to use the collective power of the crowd yet?

3 Ways Crowdsourcing Can Help Your MENA Business

Just like technology has revolutionized many things in our lives, it has also changed the way we do business and interact with people. The term ‘crowdsourcing’ was coined in 2005 as a... (contd.)
Choosing the perfect logo

Follow This 4-Step Plan To Choose Your MENA Startup’s New Logo

I heard an interesting story recently. A couple from my friend’s circle was called by a reputed school for a parent-child-teacher interaction as a part of the admission process. The teacher was... (contd.)
How to shake hands

Here Are 5 Steps To The Perfect Handshake Anywhere In The World

A handshake is an almost universally accepted form of greeting. It is often used to greet business associates, someone whom you haven’t seen in very long, a host or hostess, friends, and... (contd.)
How to boost your confidence as a leader

MENA Business Leaders! Here Is A 5-Step Plan To Boost Your Confidence

Confidence is a trait that often determines success. Many of us would have experienced that in some situations we feel extremely confident while at other times we may falter. Just as normal... (contd.)
quality check

Here Are The 5 Quality Check-Points Your MENA Business Must Put In Place

The quality of product/service is probably the most important factor influencing a consumer’s purchase decision. I remember going for a lunch with a group of friends to a new restaurant that was quickly... (contd.)
So are you ready to listen to the customer and act upon it? This will make a world of difference to your business.

5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Customer Feedback

I remember the days when we were growing up; we would simply walk into a neighborhood grocery store and ask for our favorite candy or chocolate, as the years passed, this changed... (contd.)
Whether a decision is good or bad will only be proven with time, however, the key to effective decision making is in your hands.

The 7-Step Plan To Improve Your Decision Making

One of the undeniable signs of good leadership is an ability to make sound decisions consistently and to convert decisions into actions. If a decision is not acted upon, it remains a... (contd.)
Are you ready to elevate your EQ and leverage it to your benefit?

5 Ways To Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

Our schools and education system often focus on how smart we are and where our intelligence stands. Intelligence broadly refers to the ability to learn and grasp new concepts and things. However,... (contd.)
Are you ready to reach for the sky?

The 3-Step Plan To Make Sure That Your Business Has No Glass Ceiling

If I asked you to visualize the three top leaders you admire or look up to, how many of you would visualize women leaders? The general tendency is to associate top leadership... (contd.)
Good succession management will leave your organization functioning smoothly over time and in a sustainable manner without any breaks.

4 Things You Need To Do Before Hiring Your Successor

December 28, 2012. Ratan Tata, the chairman of India's giant Tata Group, was going to step down from his position and retire at the ripe age of 75. I remember the months... (contd.)
Flat organization

Here Is A 5-Step Process To Build A Flat Organization

A typical vertical organization has many layers of a hierarchy while a flat organization has few or none. The characteristic of a flat organization is that it has very few rows below the... (contd.)
What is stopping you from having some fun?

5 Team Building Activities To Loosen Up Your Employees

Sometimes days just stretch at work and you find the overall team morale dropping around the office. But work doesn’t always have to be boring or about deadlines. All of us need... (contd.)
here's how to budget from zero

Why Zero-Based Budgeting Might Be Right For Your Business

In a world where expenses are constantly increasing, managers and business owners are always looking for new and sustainable ways of reining in costs and better managing expenses. As per McKinsey &... (contd.)
Three Compelling Reasons Why You Need A Mentor

Three Compelling Reasons Why You Need A Mentor

Apple and Facebook are the two biggest success stories of our times. Among other unique leadership traits of their respective founders, it is popularly known that former Apple Inc CEO the late... (contd.)
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