Bindi Shah

Bindi Shah
Bindi Shah is a contributing writer for Inc. Arabia.
Here's how to survive office politics

The 3 Ways You Can Survive Office Politics

As excited as you might be about a new job or workplace, or getting a promotion in an old job, sometimes unexpected ‘office politics’ affect the way you feel and perform in... (contd.)
3 keys to successful knowledge management

This Is How You Do Knowledge Management Right

Living in today's information age means that we're connected in more ways than we even know and it is becoming easier with each passing day to capture and share information and memories with friends,... (contd.)
Should you go into business with your friend?

Should You Go Into Business With Your Friend?

In celebration of World Friendship Day, we're asking; do friends make good business partners? At the onset, this may sound like a great idea. Imagine going to work with people you already... (contd.)
Heres how to manage stress at work

4 Ways You Can Help Your Employees Tackle Stress

As responsibilities increase and competition intensifies. Sometimes, we don’t realize when stress creeps into our lives and into the lives of those working around us.  Some employees may be dealing with personal stress,... (contd.)
How to foster creativity in your organisation

Here’s How to Foster More ‘EUREKA!’ Moments In Your Business

We all know that creativity is important in every sphere of life. Game-changing business ideas emerge from moments of creative genius. While "Eureka!" moments don’t occur every day, gradual encouragement of creative... (contd.)
Engagement marketing

This Is How Brands Can Engage People In Real Interactions

Engagement marketing, sometimes also known as ‘experiential marketing’ or ‘live marketing’, gives consumers an opportunity to engage in a two-way dialogue and interaction with brands. And through this kind of first-hand interaction, the... (contd.)
How to build trust in your organisation

This Is How You Build Trust In Your Organization

In today’s world, while on the one hand, social media tools and open door policies are empowering employees, on the other, the increasing occurrence of frauds and a fragile global economic environment has... (contd.)
Here's how to create a leadership circle

How To Build And Leverage A Leadership Circle

During my employment tenure with a leading media firm in my home country, our division (Internet) saw a change of top guard. The new CEO, within two days of taking charge, called... (contd.)
How to innovate to zero

Innovating To Zero: Making It Happen

In February 2010, Bill Gates presented a TED Talk on ‘Zero Carbon Emissions’ where he highlighted how reducing CO2 emissions can help to improve the lives of some of the most susceptible... (contd.)
How to become more market focused

5 Steps To Become A More Market-Focused Organization

To shape your future strategy and action orientation, you need to decide whether you're market or product-focused. Market-focused organizations have a strong external orientation and tend to shape market trends by focusing consistently... (contd.)
Here's how to know if a drone could help your business

Five Areas Where MENA Businesses Can Benefit From Drones

If you are a tech-savvy entrepreneur, you have probably already thought about how you can make use of the latest in cool tech toys - the drone. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or... (contd.)
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