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Jojo Puthuparampil is a business news writer for Inc. Arabia.
Courts 'key to success' of UAE's new bankruptcy law, says Fitch

Will UAE’s Bankruptcy Law Work For The Country’s SMEs? Depends On The Courts, Says Fitch

The effective implementation of the UAE’s new bankruptcy law will depend on the ability of the courts in the country to interpret the law and handle proceedings, according to global rating agency... (contd.)
gaza Sky Geeks is Crowdfunding for a generator

Palestine’s Only Startup Accelerator Needs Your Help To Keep The Lights On

Gaza Sky Geeks, the only startup accelerator in the besieged Palestinian territory of Gaza, is in the process of raising cash.  However, the goal of its latest crowdfunding campaign could seem unusual to someone... (contd.)
Qatarization failing Qatari Women

Qatarization In The Qatari Economy Is Failing Qatari Women

Qatari women are often not a priority in Qatarization strategies, according to a report by Oxford Strategic Consulting (OSC). Over 36% of companies in the country either never or sometimes don't actively promote... (contd.)
mENA hiring to go up in 2017

These Are The Hottest MENA Jobs For 2017, According to LinkedIn

Most corporates in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region are preparing for an increase in hiring, according to LinkedIn. Jobs about operations, sales, and engineering will be the highest priority roles... (contd.)
Tejari and Dubai SME ink deal

This Could Make It Easier For SMEs To Take Their Slice Of The Dubai Government Pie

Procurement firm Tejari has signed a pact with Dubai SME, an agency under Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai mandated to develop small and medium enterprises (SMEs), to unveil an eProcurement... (contd.)
Dubai Taxi deal with Cartrawler

Booking A Dubai Taxi From Overseas? Yes, That Is Possible

Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has formed a partnership with Irish rental and booking firm Cartrawler that will enable people overseas, like travelers to Dubai, to make prepaid bookings through the latter’s system. According... (contd.)
Inc. Arabia Saudi Women

More Saudi Women In The Workforce? A Saudi Cleric Thinks The Right Thing

Saudi Arabia is the only country where women are forbidden to drive, making it harder for them to get to work. But now, a senior Saudi cleric has come out to say... (contd.)
UAE Gender Gap Closing

This Survey Claims That There Is Not Much Of A Gender Gap In The UAE

Working women in the UAE now has the same level of gender equality compared with their counterparts in western countries, a survey by and YouGov has found. Women in the UAE now... (contd.)
Doha's Baqalas to stay

Some Of Qatar’s Smallest (But Really Important) Entrepreneurs Just Got A Lifeline

Owners of neighborhood stores in Qatar, known as baqalas, can now operate until at least 2019 as they are now allowed to renew licenses annually for three more years, Doha News reported. The... (contd.)
Egyptian central bank issues new rules for mobile payments

Why FinTech Startups Should Pay Attention To The Egyptian Central Bank’s Latest Announcement

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE)’s board has approved a revised version of regulations for mobile payment services. The move comes soon after Egyptian Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Combating Unit (EMLCU) issued... (contd.)
Games publisher from Jordan gets acquired

The MENA Gaming Scene Gets Hotter As Jordanian Gaming Startup gets Acquired

Sweden’s Stillfront Group has acquired Middle East-based game publisher Babil Games, it said in a statement. The deal is said to be the largest exit in the region’s gaming industry, although financial details... (contd.)
UAE online spending

Just How Much Would UAE Shoppers Spend Online In The Coming Years?

Online spending in the UAE and is expected to reach Dhs33 billion ($8.98 billion) by 2018, according to a study by PayPal and Ipsos. According to the study, 68% of adults in UAE... (contd.)
Dubai Electric Buses

Dubai’s Latest Mega Development is Going To be Serviced By Electric Buses

As part of plans to build a low carbon footprint, Dubai South, an emerging 145 square km city, has signed an agreement with Transit Australia Group (TAG) to launch its first electric... (contd.)
Jordan's e-government push failing

Jordan’s Push For E-Government Is Being Pushed Back Against

The e-government program launched by the Jordanian government is yet to gain traction among people, according to country's ICT Minister Majd Shweikeh. While the government began 122 e-government services in the first phase... (contd.)
Algebra Ventures Closes $40 million fund

Here Is A New $50 Million Fund For Egypt’s Entrepreneurs To Target

Egyptian venture fund Algebra Ventures has made its first close at $40 million, it said in a statement. The fund, which was launched in June, plans to reach a final close at $50... (contd.)
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