Talal Bayaa

Talal Bayaa
Talal Bayaa is the CEO and co-founder of Bayzat, a UAE-based technology start-up that empowers businesses with smart and effective insurance & HR solutions. As Chief Executive Officer, Talal is responsible for providing the vision, overall leadership and strategic management for the company as well as ensuring the highest quality of the services provided.
It’s a bit shocking then that over 50% of admin and HR departments’ time is spent on processing employee information rather than on strategic planning and contribution to the business growth of a company.

Here’s Why HR Automation Tools Can Be A Game-Changer For Your UAE Business

With so many businesses starting up, closing down or restructuring in the UAE every year (i.e. more than 22,000 businesses were established in Dubai in 2015), a quick establishment process, effective overall... (contd.)
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