Even B2B businesses need to get on that social media train.

Bindi Shah
Bindi Shah is a contributing writer for Inc. Arabia.

Very often, B2B businesses are seen as dull and uninteresting to the general public. Does that mean that B2B companies have nothing to talk about to a broad audience waiting on social media platforms and channels? Well, that’s not true.

No business in today’s day and age – whether B2B or B2C – can afford to ignore social media platforms or channels as a means to build brand awareness, improve visibility and presence, and finally, generate leads.

Here are the keys to building successful B2B social media presence:

1. Find an appealing angle

Going back to mining, people in general may not be interested in technology or maintenance services used by mining companies; however, a topic like improving mine safety is likely to grab the attention of many. 

Being a B2B, you have to move beyond your niche and find a related aspect of broader, generic interest that can be highlighted in your social media content and used to steer conversations. 

You have to move away from ‘boring’.

2. Humanize the brand

It’s very important that B2B companies use a first person tone in their social media conversations and try to build a connect with people. 

There may be many B2B companies that operate in pure industrial and manufacturing sectors and their business proposition may sound too technical on first note but may hold immense relevance in terms of human progress and technological advancements. 

Highlighting those achievements is the key here.

3. Offer expertise and insights

Many B2B companies have a presence on social media. However, that’s often not enough. The key lies in joining relevant chats, group discussions and forums where you can offer expert advice, insights and tips. Social media is about sharing content and following what others are saying. You have to be a part of a conversation and add value to it. 

If you offer insights and tips that are genuine, it will add long-term credibility to your brand. People will eventually know who you are and what your business proposition is and know when to approach you for a transaction.

4. Hire an expert or an agency

Your in-house people may be good in the niche that you work in but it’s important to have a social media expert on board to create a social media movement. 

You can also approach a specialized agency as they would be able to create specific content for you in the form of visuals and info-graphics to share with current and potential customers on social media.

5. Make contact for sales

You can initiate first contact with people through professional platforms like LinkedIn. This may lead to successful business in the future.

So are you ready to resolve the social media mystery?

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