It happened again: You ran out of gas right in the middle of the preparation of a delicious meal you had been planning the whole week.

This Jordanian App Will Deliver Gas Cylinders On-Demand Right to Your Home

It happened again: You ran out of gas right in the middle of the preparation of a delicious meal you had been planning the whole week. So what now? As you may... (contd.)
Manage your team to properly set expectations and minimize the effects of success and failure.

4 Ways to Help Your Team Weather the Startup Storm

You've heard it many times before - "Startups are hard." There are numerous ups and downs along the path. Customer wins and customer losses are just part of the game. Rejections from... (contd.)
Startups often face major problems as they shake up industries, but these problems can be managed by implementing the following solutions.

How Lucrative Startups Can Avoid Disruption as They Grow

In his popular TED Talk filmed earlier this year, Adam Grant--New York Times best-selling author of Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World--leads with a shocking admission. "Seven years ago, a student came to... (contd.)

Here Is An 8-Step Approach To Making The Perfect Investor Pitch

As a startup or medium business owner, there are times when you need to raise money from investors—either VCs or angels. What is the best way to approach a VC? Is there... (contd.)

A T-Shirt Brand Is Giving Arab Alternative Culture The Voice It Needs

It all started in Al Thaqafa street (culture street), a long paved avenue in the bustling district of Shmeisani, in Amman. Originally meant to gather an intellectual elite embodying a traditional definition of... (contd.)
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An overview of the difference between corporate and advisory boards and why you need both.

Board Basics: Advisory Boards

As you complete your round of financing, you will undoubtedly talk with investors about forming a corporate board. You will also have any number of advisors who will not get seats on... (contd.)
Disruptors are at their best when they're shaking up industries, but when they reach critical mass, then their own success is at risk of disruption.

Disrupting the Disruptors: 3 Major Problems Facing Companies That Shake Up Industries

Once a startup comes in and shakes up an industry, it's hardly ever smooth sailing into the sunset. It can be all too easy to grab market share with new innovative ideas and... (contd.)
More Millennials are opting to work remotely--in co-working spaces. A sense of community and camaraderie, new research finds, makes them more productive.

Why You Should Let Employees Work Remotely

The remote workforce is expected to account for nearly three-quarters of the U.S. workforce by 2020, and your business could benefit from having a more flexible remote work policy and placing employees... (contd.)
Read what growth hacking tactics these 9 startup founders from Romania found helpful in growing their company.

19 Killer Growth Hacks from 9 Top Romanian Startups

Last year, I had the pleasure to speak at the How to Web Conference 2015 in Bucharest, Romania. While there, I met the founders of many amazing startups. This year, I reached... (contd.)
If you want people to like you, stop these habits right now.

7 Mistakes You Must Avoid to Make a Great First Impression

According to research cited in the Harvard Business Review, it takes less than 150 milliseconds for someone to form a first impression. Human nature is such that we process verbal and non-verbal... (contd.)
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