Bindi Shah
Bindi Shah is a contributing writer for Inc. Arabia.

Confidence is a trait that often determines success. Many of us would have experienced that in some situations we feel extremely confident while at other times we may falter.

Just as normal people feel jittery at times, leaders also may sometimes experience a shortfall of confidence. However, a leader’s role and performance is often tied to the expectations and needs of a lot of other people (whom he is leading).

Thus, a leader’s display of confidence assumes that much more importance and holds that much more relevance. Here are some tips to build your confidence as a leader: 

Take the plunge

Indecisiveness and inaction can cause more harm than anything else. As a leader, you know that there are some decisions that you have to take; there is no avoiding them. Better take them now than later. Whether the outcome of a certain decision is positive or negative, your confidence will only improve by taking them. If something goes wrong, you learn from your mistake and that helps to build your confidence. If you succeed, that will help boost your confidence enormously.

Get out of your comfort zone

If you think that learning something new or getting an additional skill will help to build your confidence, do it. Always being curious and constant exposure and learning are great ways to build confidence. In business, if you have to take a path-breaking decision or take up a new role of responsibility, do it. You may feel uncomfortable at the beginning as it’s unchartered territory; however, once you step out of your comfort zone, your confidence will get new wings.

Have a role model or mentor

Sometimes it helps to confide your anxieties in someone whom you trust a lot and look up to. This person could be a mentor or close friend. It’s human to feel nervous or apprehensive at times. Having a role model helps in such situations. You could study the life of your role model in detail and delve into how he/she overcame obstacles and challenges. You could cultivate the same virtues to overcome your own challenges.

Connect with your core self

Having a strong connect with your inner voice helps to stay in focus. If you know what you want from the depth of your heart, you will always remain focused on your goals. In the long run, if your goals are clear and you stick to them, no one can shatter your confidence. You will slowly and steadily move towards realizing them.

Leverage your strengths and know your weaknesses

Understand from your friends, people around you and some introspection what your strengths are. Make the most of them by being assertive in what you say and do. Always dress and present yourself with self-respect. Know your weaknesses, accept them and fulfill your responsibilities such that they don’t get in the way of your progress.

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