The tech giant has paused development of its self-driving car. Here's why that makes sense.

Why Google Was Smart to Put the Brakes on Its Self-Driving Car

After several years of development, Google has put the brakes on its project to develop its own self-driving cars. While other companies, such as Uber and Tesla, have rolled out traditional cars that... (contd.)
IAWS to start operations in the Middle East

Look What Amazon Is Bringing To The Middle East For Your Business

E-commerce giant Amazon’s arm Amazon Web Services (AWS) will open offices in Dubai and Bahrain next year to accelerate the adoption of its cloud computing offering in the Middle East and North... (contd.)
UAE open to driverless cars

Just How Open Are The UAE’s Residents To Driverless Cars On Their Streets?

Most UAE residents are thrilled about driverless cars, but many are apprehensive about safety, according to an online survey conducted by YouGov’s Omnibus Service. While 58% residents are enthusiastic about driverless cars, 57%... (contd.)
Making truly wireless earbuds is not for the faint of heart, according to numerous entrepreneurs.

This Is Why Apple Is Having Such a Difficult Time Releasing Its AirPods

It's rare that Apple has a misstep with its products, and yet, the company is now months behind on the release of the AirPods, the company's much hyped wireless Bluetooth earbuds that were... (contd.)
Do not to fall prey to these 6 types of email scams that proliferate during the holiday season.

Beware These 6 Holiday-Season Email Scams

Holiday shopping season has arrived - and so have holiday-shopping scams! In addition to reading 14 Dangerous Holiday Shopping Scams to Avoid about various forms of scams that proliferate during this time of... (contd.)
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The New Google Mobile-First Index Will Change SEO

Here's what you need to know about Google's new indexing policy so that you can adjust your SEO strategies accordingly. The Mobile-First Index: A New Way of Crawling Google "crawls" your site and indexes... (contd.)

Want Digital Innovation In The Middle East? Fix The Telco-VoIP Tussle, Says Google

Tensions between telecoms providers, over-the-top (OTT) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) players such as Whatsapp and Skype, must be resolved to enhance growth in internet connectivity and digital innovation in Arab... (contd.)
Careem to expand further in home markets

Careem Looks To Get Stronger In The Markets It’s Already Strong In

Dubai-based ride-hailing app Careem plans to increase presence in 15 more cities in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Pakistan, it said recently. Within GCC, Careem is extending its presence to six more cities in... (contd.)
Saudi Arabia gets hit by cyber attacks

Saudi Arabia’s Government Agencies Got Hit Big By Cyberattackers…Again

Computer hackers have reportedly conducted a series of attacks on Saudi Arabia, targeting the agency running the country’s airports and hitting five additional targets, Bloomberg reported. Thousands of computers were destroyed at the... (contd.)

3D Printed Buildings In The UAE? Yeah, That’s Happening

The UAE’s Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MoID) plans to construct its buildings using 3D technology, it announced this week. 3D printing technology can cut construction costs and time by 80% and 70%, respectively. “All... (contd.)
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