Are you ready to give up on the wires?

Ankush Chibber
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Now that the cat’s out of the bag, the biggest question around iPhone 7’s design has been answered. Much to the fans’ disappointment, Apple’s decision to remove the headphone jack didn’t sit well with many critics and skeptics—they were not impressed by company’s marketing chief Phil Schiller invocation of “courage.”

According to Tech Crunch, the idea to remove headphone jack is not so much an act of courage as it is the company’s decision to use leverage. Apple commands a strong brand name and loyalty that they are using to replace something useful with something that makes them money, it said.

The Guardian, on the other hand, jokingly compares a headphone wire with a tampon string. The wire helps keep a track of an important item by allowing the user to find it when they lose it. It is strange for Apple to overlook the obvious advantage of using wired headphones.

Skeptics aside, some publications like Quartz called the AirPods a much greater design success than the iPhone 7. The new wireless earphones are classic minimalistic Apple design and can fully control Siri, unlike Apple Watch that requires you to raise your wrists, it said.

However, despite the company’s optimistic arguments, the users’ reaction to the innovation was largely unfavorable.

An Unnecessary Innovation

The new AirPods are wireless and come with a microphone, that we all know. Additionally, they also have infrared sensors that play music only when the AirPods are in your ear. There is also a W1 chip that enables your AirPods to be connected with other Apple devices. The batteries, once charged, can be used for 5-hours and the AirPod case can be usable for up to 24-hours in a single charge.

The company defends its wireless design as an attempt to eliminate the annoying experience of entangled wires. But is that worth $159?

Despite the stylish design and the company’s claim of hassle free use, the AirPods’ dimensions are congruent with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Product Safety Choke Check. Anything that falls into this category is a potential hazard to a child’s safety as it can gag their throat if swallowed. Through this online choke check, the users can identify possible choking risks for children up to 36 months. Unfortunately for AirPods, they fit the description. 

As if choking hazard wasn’t enough, the AirPods are also accused of being impractical. The users are already pointing out how easily they can be lost. Even though Apple counters the fear by saying that the AirPods can be stored in their charging case, many argue that it can still be easily misplaced.

If the users want the new AirPods to go with their iPhone 7, they can buy them separately. However, the iPhone packaging will include a pair of earphones that can be connected using lightning port used for data transfer and charging.

It is to be seen if Apple enthusiasts will yet again learn to live with bold innovations that the tech giant thrusts to its users. Will brand loyalty reign supreme? Only time will tell.


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